Your roof is a vital component of your home that should be kept in excellent condition in order to serve its function. If you notice any of these signs you need a new roof, make plans for a replacement as soon as possible.

Why Your Roof is Important

The roof is essential for comfort and security inside your home. It protects you, your family, and your belongings from the elements and pests. When the roof is showing signs of damage, it won’t perform as well as a newer roof. As a result, your safety and the integrity of your home are at risk. These are signs that a roof replacement may be needed.

Advanced Age

Without serious damage from severe weather, a roof is generally effective for many years. Maintenance and care of the roof, exposure to various elements, and animals or insects can impact its life expectancy.

If your roof is more than two decades old, have a professional inspector examine your home for signs you need a new roof. A professional can determine if repairs are sufficient or if an entire roof replacement might be in order.

Shingle Granules on the Ground

After strong winds or heavy rains pass through the area, take a moment to check the ground around your home. If you see asphalt granules, these are an indication that your shingles are deteriorating and are no longer as protected from water and UV damage. When the granules fall off, the condition of the shingles declines rapidly.

Damaged Shingles is One of the Signs You Need a New Roof

When examining the roof, check that all the shingles lay flat on top of each other in a staggered pattern. No shingles should be missing, buckling, or curling. When a few shingles are damaged, a simple repair will remedy the situation. Damage across a large area means that a full replacement is a better idea. This is particularly true when your roof is older and a repair is not cost-effective.

Large Missing Patches

When your roof is relatively new, a few missing shingles can be replaced to restore the integrity of the roof. Widespread damage or even moderate damage on an older roof are signs that replacing the roof will be more cost-effective and better for your home’s overall condition.

If you notice any of these signs you need a new roof, schedule an appointment with a home inspector to get a professional opinion. Because a roof inspection is a fast and easy way to accurately determine the roof’s condition, ordering an inspection can be a part of your yearly home maintenance plan.

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