The maintenance and upkeep of your home is key to maintaining its value. One of the more difficult systems to care for is your plumbing since most of it is hidden behind walls, beneath floors, or underground. Sewer scope inspectors guide a camera inside your sewer pipes to check their condition and look for problems. Here are the benefits of having a sewer scope inspection performed.

1. There is no more guessing.

With a sewer scope inspection, an inspector uses a video camera attached to the end of a fiber-optic cable. They locate a point of entry inside of your home and feed the cable through the pipes. The camera displays images of the interior of your pipes onto a monitor. Issues in the pipes like cracks, blockages, or root intrusions can be seen. At the end of the process, the inspector will provide a report on the condition of your sewer lines.

2. A sewer scope inspection is non-intrusive.

Outdated methods of plumbing repair include tearing up floors, walls, and pipes to get to the source of the problem. One of the benefits of a sewer scope inspection is that the inspector can find the issue non-invasively and determine precisely where repairs are needed.

3. It can protect your landscaping.

Another benefit of a sewer scope inspection is the preservation of your landscaping in the case of an underground problem. In the past, your yard could become a disaster when an underground pipe needed repairs. With a sewer scope inspection, the camera pinpoints where issues need to be addressed so you can avoid digging to search for the problem.

4. One of the greatest benefits of a sewer scope inspection is the money that you save.

Having your pipes inspected with a sewer scope is more effective than traditional methods. The sewer scope inspection eliminates invasive and time-consuming searches for problems, which can become expensive. If you’re a potential buyer, a sewer scope inspection could save you thousands of dollars in repairs should the inspector find extensive damage during your buyer’s inspection.

5. Sewer scope inspections can protect the environment.

There are eco-friendly benefits of a sewer scope inspection. If you have a problem with a sewer pipe leaking, this is not only a health risk for you and your family, but the leak could be contaminating the nearby groundwater. These hidden leaks often go unnoticed until significant damage has been done. A sewer scope camera can locate these hazards so that they can be repaired.

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